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International payrolling – one thing less to worry about!

As a result of globalisation and the 24-hour economy, demand for international employees and knowledge migrants is growing. However, organising and facilitating cross-border labour is not easy. Local laws and regulations are constantly changing, language may be a barrier and expatriate payrolling is complicated. MILES takes care of all this and, together with LIMES international, ensures you are compliant with all relevant legislation. We offer a one-stop-shop solution, provide valuable advice and unburden you at every step, so that you can stay focused on your core business. One thing less to worry about!


As a Recognised Sponsor we can act as a legal employer and place your international employees on our payroll.

Full outsourcing of administrative, fiscal and legal tasks related to cross-border employment, including the 30% ruling.

Temporary employment

MILES makes it possible for international employees to work in our country on a temporary basis or for a longer period.

A work permit is required for non-European employees. In addition, depending on the duration of employment in the Netherlands, a residence permit is required.

Immigration + relocation

Professional and personal support from internationally oriented specialists in (im)migration issues.

For more than 15 years the immigration department of LIMES has been supporting international HR professionals from all over the world in the area of (im)migration issues.


Personal support and advice for you and family members, enabling a trouble-free start and successful establishment.

Pragmatic advice and assistance in the area of immigration procedures, permits, housing, tax returns, insurance and contracts.

What makes MILES international payrolling unique?

MILES is a professional, versatile one-stop-shop partner for international payrolling, temporary employment and immigration. We organise and facilitate trouble-free deployment of international employees, partially because of our status as a Recognised Sponsor with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). Our solutions are pragmatic, well thought-out and versatile.